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About Me

Thank you for being here. I’m Jazmine, an Indigenous Wiradjuri woman. I work as a yoga and meditation teacher, and I am a mystic at heart. I see myself as a pollinator of people and a devoted seeker of sacred connection with all creation. In my classes, we explore the depths of yogic embodiment through contemplative practices. With gentle guidance, I support beings in reconnecting with their inner self, awakening their heart, and embracing their body as the seat of awareness. Together, we tap into inner wisdom and cultivate a deep sense of home within.

Receiving, returning & remembering our way home to our deepest, truest, most whole selves.

We extend a heartfelt invitation to join us for seven deeply guided days of divine retreating in the north of Bali. This retreat will allow you to embrace your inner wisdom and intuitive power, connect with your heart as you open it to new depths of authenticity and joy, and tap into your creativity as you step fully into the wholeness of your life.

You will be embraced by a nurturing circle of women united in exploring the Divine Feminine’s embodied and creative essence. Our daily offerings, including yoga, workshops, kirtan, circle, sound medicine, nourishing meals, nature walks, spa treatments, and ample rest, invite you to soften, restore, and reconnect with your heart and Feminine Being. Immerse yourself in the gentle rhythms of the ocean and land, merging with the natural world as you journey inward.

Bali’s healing energy will support you and rejuvenate you amidst its wondrous beauty. Surrender to the freedom and fullness that blossoms when you let go of constant doing, allowing your heart to fully embrace the state of simply being.


Movement, mantra, meditation, and philosophy practices to return to wholeness

1-on-1 sessions

Sessions are for those seeking individual support, guidance or teacher mentoring

Workshops & Retreats

In-person and online workshops, courses, and retreats

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Words of testimony

“Jaz, is a wonderfully warm facilitator and guide, her passion for Tantra yoga is inspiring. I love being in her classes because she creates a safe space where I can develop a deeper relationship with myself, others and the natural world, which helps me live purposefully in the modern world. I use the practices I’ve learnt with Jaz in my everyday life to go back to that sense of calm within and bring more awareness to my daily feelings, thoughts and interactions. I am so grateful to have met such a grounding teacher.” ~ Georgia

“Jazzy is a gifted, approachable, loving and initiative teacher who facilitates the embodying of wisdom and discussion without judgment. Ancient practices come alive through the co-created space. The sensitive offering of life-enriching and connecting practices is a priceless gift to all who engage. I am Eternally grateful for the many conversations and experiences inspired by Jazzy’s teaching, which call me to remember Home, Self, and community. The inspiring breadth of training and rich lineage channelled through Jazzy seems well beyond her years. Jaz’s presence allows access to sinking with wonder into the beauty and gritty depth of all life.” ~ Zoe


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The embodiment of the Goddess

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