In Person Yoga

Teaching Schedule

Bookings for locations outside of Moore Street Yoga & Woonona Yoga Shala should be made through their respective websites. 


| 6:30 pm


Limber Co


| 7:15 am


Younga Yoga, Wollongong


| 6:00 pm


Woonona Yoga Shala


| 9:30 am

Vinyasa Slow flow

Younga Yoga, Wollongong



| 8:00 am


Moore Street Yoga, Austinmer


| 4:00 pm

Unfurl Embodied Yin 

Limber Co

Monthly Embodiment Labs

| check workshop page

Guided free movement

Limber Co

Class Pricing

Casual pass: $25

10 class pass: $200

Equal to $20 per class

If you have any questions, or desire a private class please email

Students please get in touch with me for a concession.


Yoga; spiritual discipline leading to oneness with the Self.

Many seek solace in Yoga with the hope of finding peace, growth, and transformation. However, the current mainstream perception of Yoga appears to be restricted to physicality, or aesthetics, all of which are incapable of fulfilling Yoga’s ultimate capability.

Jazmine is known for bringing a unique depth and soul to her yoga classes. She incorporates various elements such as storytelling, chanting, yogic philosophy, and encouragement towards intuitive exploration, all of which serve as gateways towards nourishment and freedom. Her classes are a holistic experience that nourishes the mind, body, and heart.

She loves reminding students of their innate explorative nature, their wholeness, their perfection and inner wisdom, and the ever-present invitation to rise into the gift that you are.

When Jazmine isn’t in the shala, she teaches Yoga and Wellbeing to primary school kids with Kids Creating Space in remote Aboriginal communities, sharing Yoga to support people overcome addiction and mental health and studying Social work at uni. 

“The truth is that you already are what you are seeking.”
~ Adyashanti

“Jazzy is a gifted, approachable, loving, and initiative teacher who facilitates the embodying of wisdom and discussion without judgment. Ancient practices come alive through the co-created space. The sensitive offering of life-enriching and connecting practices is a priceless gift to all who engage. I am Eternally grateful for the many conversations and experiences inspired by Jazzy’s teaching, which call me to remember Home, Self, and community. The inspiring breadth of training and rich lineage channeled through Jazzy seems well beyond her years. Jaz’s presence allows access to sinking with wonder into the beauty and gritty depth of all life.” Zoe