In Person Events

A Journey to the Heart | A Women’s Immersion

We extend a heartfelt invitation to join us for seven deeply guided days of divine retreating in the north of Bali. This retreat will allow you to embrace your inner wisdom and intuitive power, connect with your heart as you open it to new depths of authenticity and joy, and tap into your creativity as you step fully into the wholeness of your life.

You will be embraced by a nurturing circle of women united in exploring the Divine Feminine’s embodied and creative essence. Our daily offerings, including yoga, workshops, kirtan, circle, sound medicine, nourishing meals, nature walks, spa treatments, and ample rest, invite you to soften, restore, and reconnect with your heart and Feminine Being. Immerse yourself in the gentle rhythms of the ocean and land, merging with the natural world as you journey inward.

Bali’s healing energy will support you and rejuvenate you amidst its wondrous beauty. Surrender to the freedom and fullness that blossoms when you let go of constant doing, allowing your heart to fully embrace the state of simply being.

Refuge Online Meditation Space

Starting 10 April | Wednesdays 7:30 ~ 8:30 pm
Drop in: $20

Wednesday | 19th June

The word refuge often holds deep meaning in yogic and spiritual paths, responding to a universal yearning for a sense of belonging, safety, and being held in a loving and authentic space.

Refuge is a simple online meditation space to be. It’s a space to take refuge at the altar of your heart, to listen deeply to your heart’s guidance, and lean into the wisdom and nectar of your breath. It’s a space to tend to your nervous system, and resource yourself from the stillness and silence. It’s a space for self-inquiry and embodying the change you wish to see in the world.

Embodiment Lab

June 22 | 4:00 ~ 05:30 pm

An alchemy of movement, philosophy, and self-exploration and relating, for you to unlock yourself from old patterns, allowing the radiant essence within you to shine forth once more, restoring your aliveness. 

This class is a fusion of hatha yoga, somatics (body based practices), guided free movement, intertwining with movement meditations, the wisdom of tantric philosophy, and the resonance of mantra & poetry. Here, each element converges into a seamless tapestry, inviting you to gracefully slip into the rhythm of flow, where movement becomes meditation, and every breath unravels the essence of your true Self, ushering in a profound sense of freedom. As we delve into the practices, there will be moments for self-inquiry, guided journaling to capture the whispers of your inner journey, and a space for sharing insights, fostering connection. To conclude our journey, we’ll come together over tea, creating a sanctuary for reflection and integration.

Refuge & Rest
July 11 | 7:30 ~ 09:00 pm

Join Jazmine, Ruth, and Ally for an evening in our co-created rest temple, designed to offer community rest medicine that soothes a frazzled mind, revitalises a tired body, and nourishes your heart. This special event is a serene space to welcome winter and honour the importance of slowing down through embodiment techniques, yin yoga, reflective practices, and a soothing sound bath.

Give your body, mind, and heart a deeply restorative experience to recalibrate your nervous system and bring harmony to your inner world. Leave with a renewed sense of clarity, inspiration, and vibrancy. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace winter’s call for rest and reflection. No experience is required; this event is perfect for anyone looking to slow down and connect with themselves.