The Goddess is not just some far distant concept inside mythological texts or carved into the walls of temples in India.

She is closer than you think.

We are not separate from the Divine thread, but rather you are the Goddess Herself manifested in form out of Her playful desire to know Herself.

The forms of the Goddess inspire women to see, feel, sense themselves as the Divine, our bodies as sacred temples, with tiny altars spread throughout, pregnant with the macrocosm, the moon, sun, stars, flowing waters, fertile soil, fire, wild wind.

The stories teach us to perceive our lives’ ever-changing and shifting chapters as nothing but holy, even the painful, dark, prickly ones.

It is in this embodied experience, She gives us permission to be fully human and embrace the purifying anger, rage, and deep tender love we feel. By acknowledging the explosion of emotions, the sensations of aliveness, we find portals into the depths of presence, unlocking sweet ecstasy and our loving nature. It is here, in this sanctum, we discover our strengths to move beyond the limitations, fears, narratives, shackles, and suffocating masks. She guides us home time after time, where we arrive at the altar of remembrance that we are whole; there is nothing to shame, fix, or change.

WE hold the power to create, birth life, sustain all of life, and destroy it.

We take all forms, as many forms as there are grains of sand. We go by many names. And are present in everyone and every Being.

When we bring awareness to this truth, that the divine patterns of energy are already within us, we bring agency for change, and worship everything, as the Goddess animates all things; she is your flesh and blood.

May we awaken to the Grace of the Goddess.

Jai Ma!