North India Yoga Retreat
a pilgrimage to India and the space within
with Jazmine Wheatley


Rishikesh, Himalayas,  Delhi, Agra
5th ~ 15th November, 2023
Part two Delhi | 15th ~ 18th November, 2023

Firstly, yes.. the image above is one of the experiences you will have!
India has a way of deepening your yoga practice, your intimacy to life and offering you medicine that returns you to your true essence. When we’re anchored in ourselves in such a way, we can choose freedom over despair, let life move through us and can live out our purpose in this lifetime.

In my experience, India restores your faith in magic and the wonders of the universe. All your cells feel embalmed in the vibrant celebration of life that seems to carry the air here. This retreat is a sacred pilgrimage through the breathtaking Himalayan landscape and Indian culture. During our time together, we will be guided by the wise old mountains, rekindling our relationship with the natural world and deepening our connection to our inner wisdom.  You will leave feeling full of Tejas ~ light, Ojas ~ inner nectar of vitality, and Prāna ~ the breath of life.

It is an immense joy and dream to be able to invite you to join me on this pilgrimage. This grounded trip will require deep trust, openness, humility, and surrender. Don’t delay securing your space if you feel the call to join. There is a reason Mother India calls to us.


“There are some parts of the world that, once visited, get into your heart and won’t go. For me, India is such a place… It was as if all my life I had been seeing the world in black and white and, when brought face-to-face with India, experienced everything re- rendered in brilliant technicolour.”

Keith Bellows

 It goes a little like this..

Imagine yourself waking up embraced by the silence and peace of the majestic Himalayas, practicing by the holy Ganga river, gathering around the campfire listening to the stories and songs of the land, and overlooking the snow-covered peaks from an Indigenous village or seeing the astonishing Taj Mahal.

Early mornings we will honour the stillness and sacredness of the morning with practices that explore Tantric teachings to discover or rediscover, remember, and reawaken what it is to be fully human.

Followed by group breakfast and chai before stepping open-heartedly into our day, which may be filled with hiking, temple visits, rituals, visiting the holiest places on earth, workshops, āyurvedic treatments, or rest.

Afternoons and evenings will be a time to close the day, we will connect in circle, eat nourishing Sattvic foods, have meaningful conversations, and share belly laughs. Evening practices will be Bhakti, ritual, rest, or yin, as a way to reflect before you drift into the dream world.

The beauty of India lies in the spontaneous, un-manicured experiences you get while visiting. So we keep spaciousness in our days to let Mother India guide us.


Some of the magic to look forward to..

 * Embodiment & movement practices in the sacred mountains and lush valleys
* Somatics & subtle body explorations
* Restorative Yoga, and relaxation to soothe the        nervous system and promote self-healing
* Trekking through the Himalayas
* Visiting ancient temples
* Seeing the Taj Mahal
* Staying in an Indigenous village
* Yogic philosophy and storytelling
* Kirtan / Chanting
* Earth remembrance practices
* Traditional ceremonies & rituals
* Circles of connection without the fear of being judged or needing to be fixed


Who is this retreat for..

  • Lovers of Yoga, the mountains, and Indian culture.

  • Those who want to deepen their Yoga practice.

  • People who feel their soul is calling them to Himalayas, to experience the transformational alchemy of this sacred, and spiritual hub of the world. 

  • Want to be in a safe and grounded container with experienced teachers and guides while journeying in Mother India for the first time.

  • You want to be with a like-minded group of people you genuinely connect with.

  • Want to re-spark your inspiration for life and expand your relationship with yourself. 

  • Are curious about the traditional path of Tantra and how it can bring more richness and meaning to your daily life.


Click the tab to view the full itinerary. 

Day one: Arrival | 5th
We begin the retreat at 4:00 pm. Our accommodation is a space to retreat from overstimulation and your everyday life, nourish your body with delicious food, rest in the healing garden, and allow for vast spaciousness to allow yourself to arrive and settle on this sacred land. We will meet in the afternoon, for an opening circle & practice to meet the other souls you’ll be communing with. Followed by dinner and an early evening.
Day two: Acclimatise in the birthplace of Yoga | 6th

We will begin the morning with practice. Then, there will be time for āyurvedic healing treatments and a trip to town to shop for goodies, and purchase saris and traditional wear for our time in India.

We will re-group for dinner and Kirtan to celebrate this ecstatic journey you have gifted yourself. Seriously, buckle in, it’s going to be amazing!

Day three: On the road | 7th

We begin our day with an early morning embodiment practice to prepare for our day on the road. We will drive into the wild, remote, and isolated parts of the Great Himalayas, settle into our camp, and enjoy an evening practice to honour our soft landing. 

Day four: Village life | 8th

You will be welcomed by the heart-warming local villagers. The simple and devotional ways of living are inspiring and deeply humbling. Every time I am here, the noise falls away, and a deep remembrance of my inherent belonging to the land and what is truly important in life is revealed.

This time in the village is to sink deeper into practice, rest, learn from the villagers, and be with the magic of the land and yourself. When we connect with ourselves in intimate ways and listen to the whispers of the land, a sense of wonder and clarity is revived.

Day five: Rest in simplicity | 9th

Today we are keeping it simple. Soak up the untouched and unaltered nature surrounding us. We will have an opportunity to learn the art of Rangoli from the women.

Day six: Travel to Chopta | 10th

This morning we depart on a 2 ~ 3-hour drive, for Chopta Valley, known as ‘The Land of Rolling Meadows,’ a place of extraordinary beauty. Lunch along the way, and later we check in to glamping-style tents.

Day seven: Find a new sense of perspective | 11th

After breakfast is an optional 7km trek to Lake Deoria Tal situated at 2,500m. At this location you can roam the nearby forest trails and take in the picturesque snowy mountains range as the backdrop.

Day eight: A day of worship | 12th

After breakfast today, an optional trek to the world’s highest Lord Shiva temple is on the menu. The trek is a moderate hike, situated at 4000mts. After we reach the summit, we will stop at Tungnath temple for a chai. Tungnath temple is said to be over 1000 years old and is one of the Panch Kedars, the five most revered Śiva temples, where Devotees of Śiva and Goddess Pārvatī take pilgrimagee from time immemorial. We will jump in the bus, we depart from the Himalayas and drive 2 hrs to a guesthouse for the evening.  

Day nine: Drive back to Rishikesh | 13th

On the way back, we will take a break at a temple and a meditation cave located at a small ashram that is rested alongside the Ganga river. You can spend the afternoon and evening as you wish.

Day ten: Enjoy Rishikesh | 14th

Today we will explore Rishikesh, where the ancient art of Yoga has been a way of life for generations. Optional visit to the Sati temple, the Beatles Ashram and attend an evening Aarti ceremony (offering of lamps to Ma Ganga) in Haridwar.

PART TWO | Day eleven: Train ride to Delhi | 15th

Today we move into part two of the retreat and depart for Delhi.

We recognise not everyone is able to take an extended amount of time to holiday so our trip to Delhi is an optional add on. We will have a closing ceremony for those who can’t join us for part two.

Day twelve: The temple bells are ringing | 16th

We begin the day with our morning ritual, practice and breakfast, and adorn ourselves in our best clothes, to hit the streets of Delhi. We will visit sacred sites like the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Swaminarayan Akshardham, Humayun’s Tomb, Lodhi Gardens, India gate, Bahai (Lotus) Temple, and many more.

Along the pilgrimage, we will participate in various auspicious pūjas and ceremonies and receive darshan (blessings) from the holy sites listed above.

Day thirteen: See one of the seven wonders of the world | 17th

After breakfast, we will depart early from Delhi to Agra, on a 3-hour train ride. On arrival, we will explore the Taj Mahal, a magical wonder of the world. Final group dinner to close this life-changing journey.

Day fourteen: It's time to say goodbye | 18th

Enjoy our last breakfast as a group, and according to your flight schedules, we will chauffeur you back to the airport. Fly to your future destination with the sweet memories of the Himalayas and India.

Please note that based on the expeditionary nature of our trips, there may be ongoing enhancements to this itinerary. 

Hikes are moderate and there will be options to suit the group. 

Your guides

Meet my support, Vikram

Vikram is a qualified yoga teacher, trekking, and tour guide. With expert knowledge and care, he will help guide us on our journey through India. Providing us with a wealth of knowledge on India’s culture, heritage, history, and spirituality. Vikram is an amazing human being that I deeply trust to help hold the group, he is humble, sincere, and playful.



Jazmine is a lifelong student of Yoga with a rich history of study, practice, and experience. Jazmine facilitates spaces for re-membering our potential and true nature through Kashmir Shaivism’s teachings, embodiment practices, and sound. There is a soul and a depth that she brings to her offerings as she shares ways to connect with your body, heart & the natural world woven through ceremonies, storytelling, and rituals.

Jazmine is a true pollinator of people and is passionate about gathering community in circle, remembering the ways of the old, and creating spaces for vulnerability, expression, healing, and nourishment.

What’s included


  • All accommodations, which is a range of 4-star hotels, guesthouses, or camping. The hotels are chosen because of their character and relevance to where we are. On this tour, our goal is to have the full Indian experience! Unless the private room rate is paid, all rooms will be shared with one other person.
  • 2 – 3 meals included. 
  • Arrival and departure taxis.
  • Transport within the tour.
  • Visits to the sacred sights, shrines, temples, and pūjas (ceremonies).
  • A guided shopping tour in Rishikesh.
  • Camping in a traditional remote Village.
  • Daily treks and treks to the highest Lord Shiva Temple in India (Tungnath temple).
  • 1 Ayurvedic massage.
  • Entry to the Beatles Ashram.
  • All applicable taxes and tolls as per govt regulations.
  • Experienced Indian tour guide.
  • Daily classes, yoga, meditation, chanting, and workshops.

What’s not included


  • Airfare to and from India.
  • Visa costs.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Special ceremony costs and tips (some pūjas may not be covered, and we encourage tipping in India)
  • Luggage fees.
  • Some meals (we want you to have the freedom to dine where you please, so allow a comfortable budget of $150 AUD for dining).
  • Personal shopping.

The Investment

The remaining amount can be paid in full or in regular instalments.

Please contact me for payment plans

A non-refundable deposit of $400 AUD is required to confirm your spot.

Early bird price (paid in full before 8 July 2023)

Shared room: $3990

Delhi included: $5190

A non-refundable deposit of $500 AUD is required to confirm your spot for a private room. 

Private room: $4990

Delhi included: $6490

Standard price (paid in full before 5 October 2023)

Shared room: $4190

Delhi included: $5390


Private room: $5190

Delhi included: $6690

Past memories from India


Words of testimony


“The retreat was absolutely amazing! Everything was organised to ensure our adventure was fun, ecstatic, and comfortable. Magically, the team retained the essence of an authentic Indian experience. The relationship that they have built with the local villagers is incredibly special to see, and the warm welcome we all received is a credit to them. The views from Tungnath were simply breathtaking. I’ve returned feeling like we had a mini gap year in two weeks.”


“I cannot thank everyone involved in the Northern India retreat enough. It was the adventure of a lifetime and would not have been possible without many moving parts coming together to give us this experience.

We were treated like family, and I recommend everyone to make a trip like this to such a beautiful part of the world. Thank you so much.”



“Thank you for a magnificent experience in India. Your personal attention and care for all have been simply remarkable! You have exceeded my expectations and made a significant difference in my enjoyment of this retreat.

The visit to the village and camping in the Himalayan mountains is an experience I will cherish for lifetimes. There is no price that one can pay for it; for me, it was beyond “price.”


A note from Jaz

 These journeys to India have been the most rewarding days of my life. We are blessed by unbelievable experiences, new connections, and new perspectives when we step out of our comfort zone and surrender to the mystery and the unknown, and THIS is what leads us to transformation. It’s not uncommon to hear “everything changed” after a trip to India. For a lot of us, that’s why we are usually called there in the first place. Do you hear the whispers calling you?

It is an immense joy and a long-held dream to be able to invite you to join me on this next pilgrimage to North India. I simply can’t contain my excitement!

So it’s time.. cue the Indian music and dancing! I hope you’ll join me in the Mother land of Yoga for this once in a lifetime experience.