Women’s day retreat


Women’s day retreat

28th of May, 2022

Jaspers Brush Valley, Berry 

yoga | art | meditation | connection | ritual & ceremony

For all who identify as woman

A collaboration rooted in love
with Jazmine and Zoe 

After the last two years, we need a serious break!

Slow down, let go of the western treadmill of over-stimulation, over-achieving, and social media stress and connect inward to renew your spirit.

Zoe and I realise the deep need for these intensional gatherings to share healing modalities, create community and reclaim the forgotten art of ritual & ceremony. The way of the feminine is connecting, and women build communities that lead us from the illusion of separation to the reality of divine union & inter-being.

The intention behind this retreat is to create a sacred container to hang out in the heart space and embrace our feminine nature.. emotional, creative, nurturing, wild, sensual, reflective, and flowing. When we can commune with the feminine, we develop a deeper relationship with our most intimate Self, others, and earth. 

We will nurture our souls, meditate, create art, chant mantras, feast on yummy foods, and celebrate the feminine during our sacred mini-retreat. 

This is an opportunity to connect with other women on the path of inner and personal expansion, to share ancient feminine wisdom, to feel supported, held, nourished, and ultimately renew your spirit. 


Welcome, acknowledgment of country 

Morning tea & connection circle

90-minute sādhana practice including movement, breath, mantra & meditation

Lunchtime feast

Get creative with Zoe

Afternoon tea


Fire ceremony & closing circle

Ancient rituals and modalities are woven throughout the day to evoke a remembrance of the sacred feminine and deeply connect to Self. 


$230 Early Bird (Until 8th May)


All yoga, sound, and art experiences

Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and refreshments

Flowers for our collective offering

All art materials

A gift bag to take home


A luxurious long morning session, a feminine flow, embodiment, weaving the magic of sound and the breath to set you up for the day.

All practices are entirely open to any level; the only requirement is curiosity and a willingness to explore new terrain.  


Set in the stunning Jaspers Brush valley 3 minutes from Berry, just 50 minutes from Wollongong.

All mother nature elements of water, air, fire, earth are present and extremely powerful here. The landscape calls us back to a mindful mode of stillness, solitude, and silence, where we can truly receive time and allow life to unfold through us.

Free time can be spent exploring the surroundings, roaming the vineyard, sitting under the grandmother fig tree, connect on the infinity deck overlooking the valley.

There is really something magical about this place.


    We will be living close to the land; nourishing seasonal food will be provided throughout the day, including morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and refreshments.

    Jazmine will guide us through a food blessing and prayer before indulging in our feast. 

    If you’re feeling the call to be here, trust your inner voice, she won’t leave you astray.


    As a facilitator, Jazmine’s deep interest is facilitating the unravelling of the silent yearnings of our Soul. A true pollinator of people, her open heart, affectionate manner and infectious laugh allow deep work to explore and engage with every layer of this mysterious body-mind matrix in an empowering and anti-oppressive framework and a sense of playfulness. 

    Jazmine is dedicated to building a safe container for students to awaken a field of self-exploration, practising intimacy with reality, and amplifying their freedom and creativity through breath, awareness cultivation, movement, ritual, sound and subtle-body practices.

    Zoe Ann Wyeth

    Zoe is an artist and owner of Jaspers Brush and Bottle, her BYO art studio. 

    Zoe strives to assist in developing peoples personal growth by facilitating them with a space and confidence in their skill, passions and awareness of self. 

    Through the expressive practises of painting, drawing and sculpture, Zoe hosts classes devoted and trailered to her guests. Her attention to detail and desire to draw out people’s artistic persona’s creates an intimate, expectation-free environment for people to create for themselves with guidance, but without control. 

    After 10 years in commercial art and design, Zoe returned to her hometown of Berry with an inspiration to connect and guide others to create art with meaning, authenticity and individuality. She is constantly inspired by the humble power of women, the femme connection and history of female endurance. 


    We’re keeping numbers to a minimum to ensure an intimate retreat. So please secure your space as soon as you feel the call to avoid missing out. 

    Contact me directly with any questions. 

    Please arrive anytime after 8:00 am for an 8:30 am start.

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