Thirroul Village Kirtan

The path of the heart

Mantra is the instrument for clearing the mind, opening the heart and delighting in the sweetness of life

The act of chanting transforms into a sacred sanctuary, where we forge connections— with one another, with our own essence, and with the Divine. The term “kirtan” can be interpreted as a call, recitation, or praise. This practice stands as one of the most cherished expressions of bhakti yoga, offering accessibility along with profound depth and healing. It is a joyful, accessible and communal practice of devotional singing, where participants come together to chant sacred mantras and immerse themselves in the uplifting power of music.

Kirtan is a form of mantra meditation, a sacred dance of sound, that is chanted in a call-and-response arrangement. Kirtan mirrors the cosmic call and response of the universe itself. It is a mirror reflecting life’s eternal dialogue, where deep listening meets a loving exchange, much like the divine interplay of Shiva and Shakti. In this rhythmic communion, mantras become our guides, our rafts leading us toward the sweet nectar of our very existence, our true selves. Some might call this essence love, the force capable of shattering barriers and transcending all boundaries. The mantra’s power is unveiled through the art of repetition, like a blossoming lotus unfurling its petals.

In kirtan, we’re not chanting to something external; we’re serenading the deepest recesses of our hearts. It’s an intimate meeting with our most authentic selves, a sacred journey traversed by countless yogis over millennia. Chanting these sacred names is like fine-tuning our inner radio, inviting different consciousness qualities and enhancing our sense of clarity, calm, peace, and joy. Along with chanting, we will share the stories and teachings about the deities.

The true essence of kirtan can only be fully known through firsthand experience, I hope you’ll follow the threads of curiosity and join us, no prior experience needed! Everyone is warmly welcomed! Bring your children, your partner, your friends, and let’s unite in song and community


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April 07 | 5:30 pm

Woonona Shala

March 17 | 5:30 pm

By Donation – all proceeds go to charity.