Communion with the feminine

 Your flesh suit, bones, the breath of life that animates you, your fluctuating emotions, pain, pleasure, yearning, dreams, and desires, this entire living embodiment and experience is evidence of the Goddess within you.

Join Jazmine for an embodied class, drinking from the deep well of the mysteries, magic, and wisdom traditions of the Sacred Feminine. We can draw cups of compassion, healing, sincerity, and hope from these timeless sources.

We’ll play with the energies of Shakti and move into deeper realms of Self through Goddess practices, meditation, mantra chanting, embodied movement, and ritual to access the Divine Feminine within you.

No longer can we afford the patriarchal path of separation, negation, and control of the powerful, multifaceted expression of the Divine Feminine.

It is critical that we re-align ourselves with the magnificent Feminine energy, the life-force energy that is the great gift of our embodiment.

Woman, this is a call to meet yourself.




Saturday 26th, February 2022

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“”I had the privilege of joining Jazmine in a beautiful and intimate women’s circle to celebrate the full moon. This was my first time attending a circle (apart from a couple of virtual circles) and while I was nervous, my fears subsided when I was welcomed by 10 lovely women whom I got to share the experience. The theme for this particular circle was ‘Boundaries’ and Jazmine created a beautiful altar and a safe space where I felt comfortable sharing my feelings and vulnerabilities. There was no judgement or shame, just a safe and sacred practice amongst like-minded women. If you are considering joining a women’s circle I highly recommend Jazmine, she is a beautiful soul who lovingly shares her gifts. ~ Marisa