Meet Jazmine

Jazmine is a proud Indigenous Wiradjuri woman. She has always been a Mumukṣutva at heart, longing for liberation. Navigating the intricate musings of life from an early age led her to Yoga in her teens. It felt like a homecoming, an incredible map towards discovering her true nature ~ the deepest promise of Yoga.

With years of dedicated practice, Jazmine found her calling to share the transformative traditions and teachings that have profoundly shaped her life. Her extensive training spans trauma and somatic modalities, mantrā, non-dual Śaiva Tantra philosophy, Hatha, and Embodied Flow. Guided by lineage, revered teachers, and life, Jazmine’s personal sādhana practice continues to evolve. Yoga has seamlessly woven into the fabric of her existence, and her approach emphasizes receiving, returning, remembering our way home to our deepest, most whole selves.

In her role as a facilitator, Jazmine focuses on unraveling the silent yearnings of each individual’s soul. A true pollinator of people, she employs an open heart, honest, and infectious curiosity to create a safe and empowering environment for profound exploration across the body-mind matrix. Dedicated to fostering inquiry and providing an anti-oppressive framework, Jazmine guides students toward self-exploration, cultivating a present, safe, and soft connection with their bodies, amplifying freedom and creativity, and to feel more resourced to actively participate with life. Through breath, awareness cultivation, movement, ritual, sound, and subtle-body practices, she facilitates a journey of self-discovery.

Jazmine’s regular teaching schedule, workshops, and retreats offer abundant opportunities for humans from all walks of life to deepen their life experience and tap into the transformative power that lies within the practice. Her mission is to create a space where everyone can explore and connect with their wholeness and unlimited potential within themselves, fostering a community of growth, self-discovery, and empowerment.

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Deepest Gratitude To My Teachers

200 hours Hatha Yoga Training With Tattvaa Yogashala, India

200 hours Advanced Embodied Flow Yoga Training

Embodied Facilitator Training Samavesa

50 hours Trauma And Mental Health Training 

50 hours Tantric Hatha Intensive With The Practice Bali 

6-month Initiation Immersion With Hareesh Wallis

Advanced Yoga Training with Ray Of Light Yoga

Devotional Sound, Mantra, and Kirtan With Ellen Arthur 

60-hour Somatic Trauma Therapy With The Embody Lab

Ngungwulah Cultural Awareness Training With Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation

Bachelor Of Social Work at UOW – current

I humbly bow in gratitude and respect to my teachers, past, present and future, both in Yoga and in Life. I bow in honour of the inner teacher, the indweller of my own heart. 

Without their light, wisdom and guidance on the path, this experience would not have come to fruition. I am not an innovator. I am simply a water bearer with a desire to share the teachings as they are intended, from the heart, embodied and undiluted. 

May I honour my teachers with my devotion and service to the community. 

Praṇāms to the Great Masters of consciousness, the Siddhas, and Yoginīs, who began and perpetuated these lineages!

Auṁ Śrī Gurubhyo Namaḥ Harih Auṁ